Moser Prize


The prize was a joint initiative of the APEAA and “Edições Cosmos”, in honour of Professor Fernando de Mello Moser, the founder of the Portuguese Association for Anglo-American Studies. The prize, called “Edições Cosmos – Fernando de Mello Moser”, was awarded annually and aimed at rewarding the work of emerging scholars in the field of Anglo-American studies.



PRIZE I – 2008

The prize was awarded for the first time at the 29th APEAA Meeting in Aveiro, in 2008. The jury unanimously distinguished the essay entitled “O passado em exibição: leituras da época vitoriana em The French Lieutenant’s Woman e Possession”, by Ana Cristina Ferreira Mendes.

Later, in 2013, the essay was published by Edições Cosmos, with the title O Passado em Exibição: Leituras Pós-modernistas da Época Vitoriana. 

PRIZE II – 2009

The second edition of the prize distinguished Andreia Abreu’s essay “Gertrude Stein e o Cubismo Literário”, which was also published by Cosmos in 2013.

PRIZE III – 2013 

Given that in 2010, 2011 and 2012 the proposals submitted did not meet the numerical requirements for the prize (four being the minimum required), the 3rd edition of the prize was awarded in 2013. The ceremony took place at the 34th meeting of the APEAA, at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, on 9-10 May.

The 3rd edition of the prize distinguished Álvaro Seiça‘s essay, entitled “Transdução: Processos de Transferência na Literatura e Artes Digitais“.


The Moser Prize jury was constituted by:
– The President of the Executive Committee of the APEAA;
– The Chair of the General Assembly Board;
– The Editor-in-Chief of the APEAA journal, Op. Cit.