About us

APEAA is a scientific non-profit-making organization, member of ESSE (European Society for the Study of English) and EAAS (European Society for American Studies), devoted to fulfilling the following aims:

    • Promote the convergence and contact of members;
    • Study and publicise questions and problems related to the area of Anglo-American Studies in Portugal;
    • Contribute to updating and improving the quality of research in the area of Anglo-American Studies;
    • Establish cooperation programmes with other national and international universities and/or other teaching/cultural institutions;
    • Support and collaborate with national or international individuals or organizations that pursue similar aims;
    • Organize and participate in study meetings, seminars, symposiums, or specialization courses and publicise other actitivies related to the area of Anglo-American Studies.

Besides these goals, which the Statutes of our Association stipulate, we hope to contribute to the following:

    • Promote the interdisciplinarity of English Studies in a period of major geo-political and disciplinary change.
    • Affirm the Anglo-American paradigm as the theoretical and critical “locus” that inspires the association.
    • Confirm, despite this, the interlinguistic and intercultural study of anglophone language, literature and culture in an era of globalization, as well as the multiple contexts in which this takes place.
The Portuguese Association for Anglo-American Studies (APEAA) was created in 1979 and has enjoyed a steady activity, with annual meetings and a regular circulation of information among its members, ever since then. Besides, the APEAA journal, Op.Cit., has become an international landmark of excellence in the field of Anglo-American studies.